Coliving Podcasts

I’ve been lucky enough to be a guest on many different Coliving podcasts to have discussions with industry pioneers that also have a true passion for building better future living solutions. During each interview I typically get the chance to explain how I got into Coliving in the first place before we cover some of the biggest topics in the industry. Discussion points have covered a lot of ground including how spatial design in Coliving can increase human wellbeing, what Coliving will look like post Covid-19, and even how living trends of the past forty years have led to political polarization.

A big thanks to the podcast hosts: Christine McDannell from The Coliving Code Podcast, Paul Burke from Coliving Circle podcast, Kalen Hayman from CoLiving Coffee Talk, and Rory Healy from ASB Podcast.

Academic Insights into the Global Coliving Sector

On this episode I had the chance to sit down with Coliving legend Christine McDannell and chat about all things Coliving. We had the chance to cover some of my favorite Coliving operators around the world, the differences between the centralized and decentralized Coliving models, and how Coliving will adapt to confront the challenges posed by Covid-19. Christine also asked about some of my articles and we covered how Spatial Design for Coliving can play a role in taking Coliving to the next level.

Coliving Circle meets Coliving Corner

With website names like Coliving Circle and Coliving Corner, it was destined that Paul Burke and I would have a chat on his Coliving Circle Podcast. Paul and I had the chance to cover my work with Coliving Insights, my thoughts on Coliving’s dilemma between Community and Scalability, and my Case for Coliving research into how Coliving can play a role in solving various societal challenges in the United States today.

I Travelled the World of Coliving

Kalen Hayman is a fellow world traveler and Coliving fanatic who is using his content creation skills to help empower the global Coliving movement. In other words Kalen is awesome. During this episode we dove into my MBA summer associate program where I had the chance to travel the world of Coliving, attending events and visiting Coliving operators across the US and South East Asia. We discussed how different areas of the world have developed different versions of Coliving and the bright future of Coliving in a post pandemic world.

Coliving with Connor Moore

For my first podcast interview I had the chance to sit down with fellow Asia School of Business classmate and podcast host Rory Healy. As an Irishman who has experienced a variety of shared living environments all over the world, Rory was an excellent person to have a discussion with surrounding the future of Coliving. Our chat zoomed in on why Coliving is gaining popularity in different parts of the world as well as the unique challenge faced by Coliving operators of having your customers also be a core part of your product offering.

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