About the author

Connor Moore

My name is Connor Moore and I whole heartedly believe in the potential of Coliving to facilitate meaningful human connections and positively change the way we live. In a time where we spend more time looking at screens than human faces, concepts such as Coliving that champion community and bring us closer together are more important than ever. With these beliefs in mind, I’ve established Coliving Corner to test these views and discover if Coliving will be a big part of our future lifestyles.

I graduated from Duke University in 2015 where I mainly studied Public Policy and Social Entrepreneurship. After graduation I decided to live and work abroad for a year in Australia, New Zealand, and Thailand – it was during this year where my fascination with shared living first started. Upon returning to the US I joined an entrepreneurship program called Venture for America where I worked for an image recognition company in Pittsburgh for two years in a Business Development role.

I have spent the past two years in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia completing my MBA at the Asia School of Business – a collaboration between MIT Sloan School of Management and the Central Bank of Malaysia. During my three month MBA summer internship I received a research grant from ASB to explore the global Coliving industry and I’ve been obsessed ever since. My research led me to visit Coliving locations in the US, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, India, South Korea, and Malaysia among others, as well as interview Coliving operators across Europe & South America.

If you would like to connect and chat Coliving please reach out!